Let business contribute to the debate on easing lock-down

Allow businesses to devise their individual strategies for resuming activity safely and to submit their proposals to government, or local government if that's more practical, for approval. This could help us to begin to move forward in a measured and controlled fashion.

Why the contribution is important

We need to look at any ideas that could contribute to re-booting the economy without compromising the need to protect lives.

by andy1950 on May 10, 2020 at 08:32PM

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  • Posted by AngelaBenzies May 10, 2020 at 20:52

    Give them the chance to constructively engage, for the good of workers and the economy
  • Posted by Tom9nn May 10, 2020 at 21:22

    Government and local authorities don't have the resources to vet the Covid-19 plans of every business. Better for clear rules to be published on how to develop risk assessments and how to reduce risks to acceptable levels so that the Covid-19 safety plans can be audited.
  • Posted by RuthBradley May 10, 2020 at 21:25

    I dont think it should be either or I think there should be evidence based guidelines and minimum operating standards for all sectors to both protect staff and public. Plans to meet those guidelines should be submitted like risk assessments to a national portal In fact adding a form to HSE for businesses to fill out would be good As would rolling out a simple 2/3 hour online complusory course in infection control principles that you would have to do before reopening your business. Have a designation infection control officer that needs to be appointed for each organisation/premises who is required to do basic courses and implement recommended physical distancing measures. Quickly skill up environmental health officers to inspect businesses safe reopen practices. This will go a long way to slowing the spread of coronavirus in the community I was at a local Hardware store recently and it was clear that no one really understood the principles of infection control and the mandatory disposable gloves were being worn continuously and therefore of no use. There seems to be confusion about duty of care. should be clear that there is - a basic onus on businesses to make provision for the public to access a premises with the ability to practice safe physical distancing ...but once that system is in place the public use it at their own risk - the main duty of care for an organisation is to safeguard their staff from exposure to each other and the public. Staff are in an area of indoor air ar longer than a member of the public and are at far higher exposure risk. I think all public access buildings should set up Hot Zone entrance forays similar to how Argos or Screwfix operate. No browsing, online ordering where possible. No handling or viral droplet spray on goods. The public access foray could be shielded by plastic screens (as in banks) air fans set up to blow air away from staff.
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