Level based system similar to South Africa's

We should use a system similar to that implemented by South Africa. At each level there are different restrictions. This could be an easy way to make restrictions stricter and lighter without going to polar extremes of no lockdown or full lockdown. It will also make it very clear to everyone what level physical distancing is required. For example we could copy South Africa's 5 level system, where Level 1 is least restrictive and level 5 is most restrictive. This could be updated daily at the press conference and will be clear to everyone what will happen. Some examples: Level 1 - There is low spread and high health system readiness (ICU beds, ventilators are available) Have life almost as normal but with restrictions on international travel to countries with active outbreaks. Sanitize and hygiene requirements could be in place. Restaurants, pubs and sports could be reopened where precautionary measures could be taken. Level 2- Moderate virus spread with high health system readiness Under this level we could have retail, manufacturing and construction back without a 2m distance requirement but still with limits on hygiene and perhaps face coverings. Level 3- Moderate virus spread with moderate health system readiness Have some stores open but still have social based places such as restaurants or pubs limited to takeaway or delivery. Work places can reopen provided they have plans in place to limit the spread of the virus. Level 4-Moderate/High Virus Spread with moderate/Low health system readiness Similar to what we have now perhaps but allow things such as visiting select number of families. Maybe allow the opening of some places where virus spread is low. Level 5- High Virus spread with low health system readiness This could be a return to the current lockdown. The levels could be better fleshed out with consultation and consideration about where virus spread risk is low. With input from experts we could get 5 or so levels with clear demarcations of what is and isn't allowed at each. This will hopefully also give public the confidence to follow the recommendations at each level

Why the contribution is important

It is clear that if we lift lock down too soon and make restriction too lenient too quickly we will see the infection proceed back to an exponential curve. It is also clear that the economy can not continue to be halted and we do need to plan for an exit. A level system will give everyone certainty of how the exit will work but will allow to make decision makers to change the levels when the time is right to do so. By setting the restrictions at each level explicitly it will be very clear what is expected and as such I believe there will be greater compliance. This will give business the certainty of when they could expect to operate and under what conditions. The level system also allows the decision makers to increase the level and impose more restrictions if they feel this is necessary without toggling between a completely locked-down state or unrestricted. A simple level system is also very easy to communicate using social media, news and online. It is easy us the public to understand and easy for decision makers to communicate the level of physical distance required to make the macro picture in Scotland correct

by DevVeh on May 05, 2020 at 06:37PM

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