The only way you are going to know if something works or not is to try and see and i feel the government is being too cautions in getting things back to normal. and due to this Scotland will see more damage in peoples mental health and the economy than what the Virus has done. My idea is that restrictions are lifted for young people first for example people under 40 and older than 16 with no underlying health conditions that can choose their self if they want to go outside and socialise with other households in this group. Young people have age and health on their side so if they caught the virus they have a higher chance of defeating it. If young people show symptoms they are tested to see if they carry the virus. It is common sense if you live with your parents it would not be safe to go outside and socialise as you could put your parents at risk. This could be an experiment to see if the virus would spread but would reduce the amount of cases being admitted to hospital or ICU as young people are stronger than vulnerable and old people. People may think this is being unfair to old and vulnerable but less risk would be involved than letting them out as if they get it they are higher risk of being critically ill or dying. This would also be an opportunity to see how quickly the virus can spread without causing major issues with overcrowding hospitals and overwhelming the NHS or causing vulnerable to die. I feel encouraging social distancing as the new normal will be disastrous for children and adults long term mental health. People are already guilty of using technology to much to interact and this could see people becoming socially awkward and judgemental towards other people. I have already witnessed this. in shops, in ques for shops and in the workplace. Living with social distancing is depressing and we should not be forced as this to be a way of life until a vaccine is found.

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My idea is important for humans over all well being and happiness to get the country back up and running quicker than scientists are guessing we need to do things. You need to take risks in life if nobody took risks the world would be a very boring dull unhappy place. I myself have decided to not follow government guidance and have socialised with other households. Nobody I know has been sick, felt sick has made family members sick so you can socialise without catching the disease.

by KL2905 on May 05, 2020 at 03:14PM

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  • Posted by Iridium242 May 05, 2020 at 17:40

    So... the proposal is to experiment by letting young people out to see if they actually spread the virus to others, possibly with fatal effects (of others), because the young person thinks that if they get infected they won't suffer serious consequences? I'm not sure that I understand why the proposal would benefit the people that could be harmed, or the proportion of young folk that would not emerge unscathed from the virus. I also suggest that this experiment is already underway in countries like Sweden and in poorer countries where different policy or economic resources has created the proposed conditions.
  • Posted by AdamWilson May 05, 2020 at 20:30

    When you look at the data young people are less likely to suffer the worst effects. To try and get some services and the economy working and protecting those most at risk restrictions could be eased quicker for those under 40. By doing this a higher level of immunity could be achieved amongst those who are most likely to be asymptotic if infected which in the long run would help to stop the spread and help protect the most vulnerable.
  • Posted by NatalieM May 06, 2020 at 22:44

    I think the lockdown should be lifted for anyone who feels healthy and is willing to take the (extremely low) risk of dying from Covid-19, not just the young. Even if you're in your 70s and live in Sweden, the chances of dying from Covid-19 are very low. People who are nervous about catching it should be allowed to remain indoors.
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