Lifting Lockdown Proposal

When we are ready to lift lockdown I propose we start with increasing number of outdoor activities as this is safest place to be and easiest to keep distance from people and many of these activities are solo or small groups so we add to walking running and cycling. Hillwalking, fishing, outdoor swimming and sailing all very safe and can be done with household and you can also practice sports with household in park. Then we add golfing with household or in twos but no clubhouse, canoeing, tennis and any other sport you can practice in twos outside. Then we add 5 a side football or small groups of 5 can practice other outdoor sports such as hockey rugby cricket and then we open outdoor play parks, ice rinks and indoor swimming pools. At this time we can also open museums. At same time we have everyone who can work from home continue to do so limiting numbers on transport we keep bars restaurants, cinemas indoor venues and non essential shops closed. We have no large events. We have separate work shifts for corona ward staff and other NHS staff keeping them separate we continue using hotels to house NHS staff if available. We allow people to meet with their families parents children and brothers sisters. Then we add extended families I feel this is easier than a social bubble as social bubble is hard to control people will possibly join many bubbles. People who live alone can also meet with someone else who lives alone. Then we add a neighbours. Then we add a social bubble. Work wise we allow dentists, vets, car garages, home repairs to return. Then we allow car garages to return, surveyors architects to get property market moving. Then all manufacturing. Then beauty salons and other services. We only move to next stage if stage before is successful. We could also have drive in cinemas and concerts to help this industry. People wear masks. Public transport is cleaned. Streets are disinfected. If we need to help economy recover with grants these should be tied to environment. Eg construction aid only if environment friendly housing. Help to houses to instal better heating renewable energy.

Why the contribution is important

It’s an overall idea for start of lifting lockdown. Disinfecting masks are important. Our streets are much dirtier than other countries and this spreads disease at best if times. I think it’s inportant to set out each step now so people know what to expect can look forward to activities restarting. While making it cheat each step is based on no reason emergence increase in cases

by CarrieFortune on May 09, 2020 at 12:56PM

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  • Posted by BigRuthy May 09, 2020 at 14:02

    There are too many people giving views that relate to their personal circumstances. We will not ever all agree so there must be a degree of liberty which people can live a "normal" life observing social distancing
  • Posted by Dave_H May 09, 2020 at 14:34

    This highlights that it must be a gradual phased lifting of lockdown.

    But it also highlights that some things like allowing greater freedom for outdoor exercise / small group sports should be able to happen immediately with no more risk than your daily walk you are already allowed.

    This would show the people that things are being considered and changes are happening and will keep them on side while some other things remain shut for some time,
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