Limit fast food delivery for short period (limit transmition)

Limit majour fast food chain delivering, I work part time in this industry.
No measures taken to limit or stop this so far, I deliver an average of 20 deliveries a shift, with 20 other drivers doing the same. Some have fallen unwell all ready and stores still been open and delivering and we've delivered to the worst hit places. Ultimately we could be spreading this all over, So. My suggestion, stop this for 2-3 weeks then restart slowly with proper PPE and measures in place to enable a safe lifting of restrictions in a couple of weeks. Protect the people first, then we can worry about lifting restrictions. Whats worth more, a life or a pizza basically?

Why the contribution is important

Simply, to limit the spread, save lifes, keep the R0 number down, give time for the public to adjust and put lifes first over franchise's profits. We can rebuild an economy we cannot bring back a life lost!
If restrictions are lifted too soon and say over 1 week 20 delivery drivers all in contact with one another, delivering to 20 odd customers a night and 1 of us fall unwell 'as has happened' how long would it be before we possibly infect litrelly thousands of people! Or we can act now, act appropriately and responsibley.

by Anonymousscot on May 06, 2020 at 02:22PM

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