Limited freeing ogrestrictions

General public allowed to move around more normally 20% per weekday by alphabetical grouping; ie surname a-d on Monday’s kids go to school , parents can go to visit family / work/ get to doctors .
Improves mental health
Limits infection rates, as same 20% circulating together only
Easily ID checked
Likely to allow some wider family groups to meet,
can swiftly move back into lockdown at weekend if needed or if successful allow greater lifting of same groups by going to 2 days a week
Businesses will be able to slowly reopen too though at lower capacity

Negative is if you are an A and your best friend is an E .. but better than current circumstances!

Why the contribution is important

Mental health, economy, easily enforced and easily reverted if infection spikes.
Also easily expanded if successful.

by Janep on May 06, 2020 at 04:37PM

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