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We have the technology to support online education. Software, such as Webex, can simulate a classroom environment: share the teachers screen, video, audio and chat functions allow student/teacher and student/ student participation with the option to separate into virtual groups for projects and group discussions. All participants can 'write' on the screen. The teacher can easily monitor student engagement as the software monitors this.
This type of technology clan be accessed on many platforms. This would allow education to continue.
Not all students will have access but the majority would.
Privately owned, online, colleges could be used as a blue print to further Scottish children's educational needs.

Why the contribution is important

Home schooling is not easy or suitable for most parents/careers. The current situation will disadvantage an entire generation and could produce a massive skills gap that will only increase the inevitable economic crisis we are facing.
To ensure that our childrens futures remain bright we must utilise the tools available to ensure this is prevented.
Online classes and exams are the future of education.
The education minister must investigate the training available for our nation's teachers to assist them to provide the national curriculum to a far higher standard than is currently being offered or we will all suffer in the years to come.

by Scribbleaddict on May 05, 2020 at 05:01PM

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