Local lockdown lifted

Everyone is allowed out in their local community based on their postcode/local primary school. You will have to carry documentation to prove you are allowed in an area. Police have the right to ask to see this. If caught in the wrong area without prior permission you get fined. You can start merging these bubbles slowly but can separate them if quickly if virus spikes. Those that work in one bubble but live in another can get passes for work but their employer needs to insure that the person is safe and takes responsibility with PPE and physical distancing. Testing and random testing needs to be carried out. Curfew for under 16s.

Why the contribution is important

Gets people out, can quickly identify pockets where virus exists and can isolate and make sure people who live in these pockets

1) do not loose their job
2) receive 80% of their income up to £ xxx x
3) try and starve out virus from spreading from these pockets.

Tests can given to those in the bubbles faster.

by RuffDoug on May 11, 2020 at 12:34PM

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  • Posted by MichelleH May 11, 2020 at 13:07

    This is already happening in various suburbs, but a good way for the healthy to start slowly being exposed to others and building up immune systems.
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