Localised Data use to inform lockdown release

This may add a layer of communication complication but I would strongly advocate using all quality available data re CV19 infection rates to influence the approach to lockdown release. We know already that rates of infection are not uniform across the country therefore the risk of further infections are also going to be different. In areas where the infection rate remains high then tighter restrictions should persist, the reverse should apply too.

This approach could also be used to try various approaches and monitor their impact. For example, retail and hospitality will be tricker areas to release safely but in locations with a lower infection rate different approaches could be trialed and validated before further roll out or tweaking.

In addition this would allow concentration of testing capabilities in a more localised way therefore allowing more people to be tested more readily rather than spreading this resource throughout the country.

This is not about penalising anyone but rather a way to try and test approaches to lockdown release in a sensible way.

Why the contribution is important

Reflects that a lower risk to further infections is key.
Concentrates valuable resources for greatest impact.
Allows ideas to be tried and tested before further roll out.

by Phay1903 on May 05, 2020 at 05:34PM

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