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How on earth can the UK gov. be considering phasing out some of the lockdown procedures, we have 30000 plus deaths from covid 19 the highest in Europe. What this tells me that the UK Gov. has been incompetent with this whole scenario. We should have taken the South Korea model and tested , traced ,Isolated from the start, we should have closed the airports and sea ports to stop entry in to the UK. Holiday makers shoul have been left in the country they were in until it was safe to bring them back, testing shoud have been down at the airports , but no, it was a free for all. We should contunue with lockdown for a further 3 weeks but ramp up test , trace and isolate. I hope the First Minister doesnt follow The Prime Ministers example at this time. We still have away to go with this, Infact I feel we will never go back to what it was. I also feel it should be compulsary to wear face coverings in puplic. This pandemic is not going away anytime soon. There are people out there, petrified to go back to work or even go out because of underlying heath issues and the risk of death if they catch the virus. Bloody nightmare. On the other hand. Lock down doesnt appear to be working as well as it should, altough the infections are down, they should be zero after 6 weeks, that is if people are following guidelines , which obviosly they are not. We ask our NHS staff to put themselves in danger everyday, the least we could do is abide by the rules. Well thats my rant over, stay safe everone.

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Keep the status quo for another 3 weeks.

by StuartMac on May 07, 2020 at 09:26AM

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