Lockdown measures beneficial in general should be permanent

Lockdown measures that have been beneficial in a more general sense should become permanent. For exmple, GPs doing 80% of consultations by phone, working from home if you can, greater use of walking and using bikes to reduce emissions, use of electronic money etc...

Why the contribution is important

There are a lot of easements brought in for the lockdown that are benefittting our country more generally, either they are more efficient and/or benefit the environment. The economy has taken a significant hit during lockdown and it is important for services, businesses and people to keep operating expenses down. GPs and some hospital appointments are now being conducted by phone. Doctors can see more patients adn see them quicker, patients are not spreading disesases at surgeries/hospitals, reduces travel to/from appointments. People working from home are saving on travel costs, reducing spread of disease and enjoying greater work/life balance.

by Carronhall on May 10, 2020 at 04:42PM

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