Lockdown MUST stay for now!

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When looking at graphs they do not show enough of a downward trend for me to feel safe or comfortable to resume even "a new normal life" A couple of points worrying me - Looking at Asia they all wear masks and other countries where deaths and transmissions seem lower. Would it not be better to make face coverings mandatory....even if it only helped reduce spread slightly its better than nothing...alongside hand washing and social distancing. Why are our airports still allowing thousands of people to enter UK and Scottish Airports still operating? .....and if England reduce lockdown measures before Scotland how can we be sure they dont visit Scotland....our borders with this pandemic need policed and stricter measures put in place.....test on arrival, 14 days quarantine before being allowed to continue onwards. Also concerned re fruit pickers meant to be coming in from Europe.....this may cause spread of disease within smaller, rural communities....help the fruit farmers financially by subsidising them to help them pay a living wage - we will have plenty people looking for jobs and incomes. Let's look within to find the man power. Test, Trace and Isolate needs an App which will work world wide to protect us travelling abroad and for visitors coming into our country. A few more weeks of patience from the Scottish people could make such a positive difference to the numbers..... I would just like to say a huge thank you to Nicola Sturgeon for being such a strong, truthful and compassionate leader at steering the Country through this virus battle. I, and many more, think she and her team are doing a fab job under most horrific circumstances....THANK YOU 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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Manning Borders will help to contain virus and testing people on arrival with quarantine for 14 days is already happening elsewhere. Stops undetected virus entering country and spreading amongst communities. If fruit pickers are to enter the country they would need to go through this stringent quarantine. Mandatory face masks should be worn at all times when out, not just shops and public transport. It also cuts down transmission of germs, whether it be minuscule or not it is worth trying. Will our NHS App work abroad? Be compatible with other countries? Makes sense that it would. The usage of this app should also be mandatory and put on everyone's phone by phone companies....those without phones would be able to phone a local trace centre to report any symptoms.

by Kazzadaltoi on May 06, 2020 at 11:46PM

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