Lockdown or no lockdown, is there middle ground

I live in Lanarkshire and I have recently been frustrated as some have not adhered to the restrictions and I feel easing restrictions will only act as a green light to almost return to normal socially. I personally know 3 people who have died from covid. There needs to be either lockdown, properly policed or no lockdown. My experience is the 2m rule is not alway adhered to, I have been tapped on the shoulder on queues. Neighbours daily have family round, using your back door doesn't mean people dont see you, birthday parties, groups of teenagers on bikes. FACEBOOK full from local residents of street bingo and discos and not just at weekends. Back door barbecues, all saying they are so socially distancing but oassingfood and drink about. They say they socially distance but we dont know enough about this virus and have been asked to stay home for a reason. 2m might not stop the spread from sneezing and coughing if there are 30 people out every other night who then all go shopping etc the next day... These events are not our social norm. Not everyone walks daily normally and certainly dont have street parties every other day or weekend so the lockdown isn't working. These events are only encouraging spread and the stay home message in your own household is neither not being understood or ignored. Easing restrictions will only make this worse, alot of people sadly think they're on one big holiday. What's the answer?

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I want to protect my family

by oldmill on May 08, 2020 at 10:13AM

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