Lockdown release

Continue blanket lock-down until beginning of school holidays. Declare the interim period as clearly designed for online education. Gain thereby six weeks, with the possibility of mooting an end to the school lockdown by September. Outdoor work - building sites - is allowed to continue, with social distancing, but indoor work apart from key working is still furloughed and prohibited.

Why the contribution is important

This idea has clear understandable boundaries, and in any case in my experience most people will infringe on any boundaries with ambiguous limits. Keep things simple. Also, everyone I have spoken to both dislikes the lock-down and supports its continuation on grounds of protecting the NHS and ultimately killing off the pandemic, by limiting outbreaks to few and known geographical places. Peter Lomas, Balmullo Community Councillor, north-east Fife

by BalmulloCC on May 05, 2020 at 06:25PM

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