Lockdown Rescinded for ages 45 & under.

A total of 332 people, under the age of 45 have died, in the U.K. as a result of CoVid-19. 332 lives lost before their time, families now plagued with grief, must be a harrowing experience.

The complete shutdown of our economy, will have direct and indirect consequences on people’s lives in far more devastating ways, sustained over a longer period, which will ultimately result in premature deaths. More grief and loss for already impacted families.

We could remove all restrictions for people born in 1975 or later, to ensure at least part of our economy can be restored, to ensure the greatest negative impacts are avoided.

Over 2000 people die each year in Road Traffic Accidents in the U.K., we wouldn’t suspend our entire economy and way of life, to avoid such tragic, but measured outcomes.

Why the contribution is important

It will allow the majority of the population to return to normality, at the quickest rate, allowing the economy to be restarted, so that when the rest of our society are able to return, it will be at an even speedier transition to normalcy for them, without sustained further adjusting at the other end.

by Darryn on May 06, 2020 at 11:22AM

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