Lockdown restrictions

For any type of lockdown to be lifted, we of course need to see deaths & hospital admissions decline, we are seeing a bit of that, but not enough. The only way to achieve this is by tightening lockdown restrictions. I’m saying this because MANY of my friends/family are flouting the rules, because they can and it’s easy to.
- 2meter rule is not being obeyed in shops. There has to be some way to tighten this, arrows on the floor helps no one. I’ve tried my best to stick to them but no one else is doing it. Perhaps more security/staff around to guide people on the shop floor, tannoy announcements reminding folk of the virus and to stay away.
- Shopping trips need to be changed from daily to once a week. MANY people are going to shops for only one or two items which can be deemed unnecessary . People are going to shops because they are bored inside but they must understand it’s dangerous. If there’s a limit on shopping trips I’m sure this would equal less people spreading the virus.
- Many people are still going round to their families and friends and I’m seeing an increase of social media posts agreeing that it’s fine to do so because they are staying 2 metres apart. Police need to be given more power to randomly stop people outside and in the cars to ask where they are going. At this point in time visiting households should not be allowed.
- Masks/face coverings would help limit the spread but I believe the population may take advantage of this and think they are invincible. I’ve seen many people in shops wearing gloves and masks thinking they are and they touch their faces, the grocery’s randomly and cough loudly.
- The fines should be increased to at least £100+. The fact the fine is able to be decreased if payed quickly doesn’t matter to anyone.
- Business such as fast food should only operate as a take away, and where possible I would prefer they operate as delivery to stop the increase in motor vehicles.
- Caring and support in the best possible way needs PPE. We are running out / struggling to get PPE yet business’ are offering to help but the government is not taking up the offer. This needs to be taken! Invite the population to help, ask for things!
- At this moment in time, sending kids back to school wouldn’t be much of a point as schools will be shutting soon anyway for summer break plus the fact there’s no exams. I understand though that it would help put less pressure on parents for a while. Smaller classes, staggered time table and ensuring parents aren’t entering directly into the school gates would help with lowering the spread of the virus.
- Theatres, cinemas and sit down food places shouldn’t be opened till next year. Way too much pressure on staff and customers to keep distance. (Ive worked in similar settings before so I know how hard it is to keep distance especially in the kitchen and on the bar).
- Last but not least, testing NEEDS to be ramped up. I understand tests are expensive but Scotland needs this to start succeeding in tackling the virus.

I understand the government is doing everything they can to protect everyone but there is still many flouting the rules and many more to come for every time we extend lockdown. People are getting annoyed that deaths are still on the rise but people are staying indoors. Why is this? Why stay inside if there’s not much progress. This is why I believe a stricter lockdown would help, tighten the areas that can be tightened. People are starting to lose faith in the government and it’s sad to see.

Why the contribution is important

It already highlights what we are doing but adds on something extra that will hopefully push as further to tackling the virus.
People are already thinking of how to exit when we are still in the middle of this virus as if they don’t understand the severity of this. I understand we can’t live like this forever but if we lift the lockdown too early we could be like this forever. It’s easy to see that people want to get out, Many fast food chains that have opened for take away people are flocking to them instead of being scared that the virus will be out there. It can get anyone and it feels like no one understands this. The only way to put this in peoples minds is by further locking down the country.

by iw1233 on May 06, 2020 at 01:37PM

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