Lockdown rules not being followed

Before we can start to look at easing restrictions we need to get infection rates down. I believe that our infection rates are not coming down and are in fact now worse than other areas in uk as people are not following them. I know of quite a few who are breaking rules such as entering houses, being in close proximity etc. I’m my 1 walk a day I see dog walkers standing next to each other and chat and pet each other’s dogs. The government needs to make this mandatory not a request. There must be more emphasis during daily briefings with stats to show that viral spread is not going down and why that is believed to be. I’m getting really frustrated as my family abide by the rules. I’m sure other families are and that’s probably why they’ve started to relax the rules they are following.

Why the contribution is important

To stop viral spread and ensure we can save lives and look at easing lockdown

by Donnamarletta on May 05, 2020 at 01:28PM

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