Maintain contact with those who are digitally excluded

Apply pragmatically Social Isolation policies and coordinate concerte effort through local organisations across public and third sector to make contact with people who are digitally exluded.

Examples of this are through covid19 support care packs provided by Pink Saltire and Fife Centre for Equalities to individuals that were flagged as missing out on digital communications.

What is required is to recognise the valued of the physical contact and its necessity in certain situations.

Why the contribution is important

Several of our communities are in digital poverty, through a combination of a lack of limited literacy, digital literacy, language and communication requirements, old age and diminishing faculties.

In those situations digital communications have very limited scope, even the offer of mobile broadband, a laptop or assistance for going online doesnt meet the individual with their capacities.

by elricatfce on May 11, 2020 at 12:55PM

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