Make landlords deep clean & enforce social distancing in communal areas

Like many Glasgow residents, I live in a tenement close which has 8 flats in it. There are of course many high rise blocks etc in the area too. We are stuck living in a situation where neither private or social landlords are performing ANY cleaning of communal areas, including close stairs, landings, banisters,doors and entry systems or bin / back court areas. I have a social landlord, who stopped these services DUE to the pandemic nearly 2 months ago, despite the fact that we are still charged for some of these services. Neither have they even made even a simple request by letter for tenants to maintain social distance in the back courts or to stop using communal areas...Many of us have experienced 3 or 4 different families 'sitting getting the sun' in back courts at the same time with no social distance at all. These are areas which we then have to exit through, take our rubbish down to etc. Plenty of parks are shut, or have shut their childrens play areas. Landlords should be responsible for at least asking tenants to refrain from using the communal areas for leisure activities/ sunbathing in this time, and given temporary power to enforce such. They should at the very least ensure that social distancing is enforced in communal areas.

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Because this virus spreads like wildfire, and we are facing Grenfell of a different sort. It is impossible to maintain any level of infection control when your landlord has abandoned you in properties they are no longer cleaning any communal part of. Social landlords clearly have a duty of care that they are completely failing in. They will complain to tenants about any minor perceived infraction / breach of tenancy in normal times, but in time of pandemic, many of us have heard nothing from them in 8 weeks. Everything is now filthy and no social distance is being maintained in may blocks of flats. Hygiene kills the virus! Why are social and private landlords getting away with leaving us at risk of infection?

by julselis on May 06, 2020 at 01:52AM

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  • Posted by Zonino May 06, 2020 at 09:25

    I also live in a tenement flat and don't see this as an issue at all. Everyone has a responsibility during this pandemic. Don't just sit back and wait on someone else to do it. Why trust someone else with your health? Do it yourself, talk to other tenants from a safe distance and work things out.
  • Posted by julselis May 06, 2020 at 16:40

    I take it you are not disabled and left alone with no social work services (everything except 'critical care' was stopped by social work at the start of lockdown) and you don't have drug addict neighbours? How very nice for you to be able to forget not everyone has your privilege.
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