Masks in public

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The virus is spread by droplets ejected by our nose and mouths. The best way to limit the spread of these droplets is wearing masks designed to contain them. Reusable, washable anti microbial masks should be designed, produced and issued to every person. When combined with a testing, tracing, and immunisation plan, mask wear should be enforced where areas or regions of virus are detected untill cases taper away. Masks should also be enforced on flights. Each person would need to have a covid test before and after any long distance travel.

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Combined with a proper testing, tracing and immunisation programme, mask wear would become the solution to letting us get our lives moving again, using lockdown as a permanent stratagy for dealing with outbreaks is not economically viable. We must move to a stage where we can limit spread and continue with our normal lives. We must develop an effective strategy that works, not only for covid 19 but for any other future pandemics.

by Linga123 on May 06, 2020 at 07:37AM

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