Max 4, friends & family, outdoors

Once a week, a max of 4 (adults) friends and family from different households can meet outside(not at each other’s homes). This can be either going for a walk, cycle or play a sport such a golf, or simply meet in a park. While still adhering to the 2 meters distance.

Why the contribution is important

A max of 4 adults will help those who are struggling with mental health or loneliness to interact, but by limiting the number to 4, could also deter larger gatherings forming which will reduce spreading virus. Furthermore, meeting outside rather indoors will help reduce spread virus. It will also let police and public keep a eye on and potentially stop house parties where more than people are at risk. Only meeting once a week will also help stop the spread of virus by allowing those to “self isolate” before meeting others again. Finally , going forward using the max of 4 framework can be used when restaurants and pubs open.

by Callander on May 11, 2020 at 04:34PM

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