Meet close family/friends outdoors

I think gatherings should be allowed with close family or friends (with a small number of people, now more than 3 or 4). Social distancing of 2m should still be practiced doing this and it can only be outdoors, like going for a walk, cycle or sitting in someone's garden. This would improve mental health and give the feel of some normality. I do feel though that caution should be given to those shielding doing this, although I think they should be given the option.

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Improve mental health Helps those living on their own Promotes outdoor exercise - not going for drives and using the car!! The more trust is given to people to practice the 2m social distancing, the more natural it will become for people as it is going to have to be the norm until a vaccine is available The virus is transmitted less easily outdoors

by Jlynn on May 11, 2020 at 04:50PM

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