Meeting Up Outside

Dominic Raab answered a question not long ago on BBC breakfast, the answer to which was that it was ok to meet up with family members in a park as long as the 2 m physical distancing was observed, and he went on to say that it was not ok to meet the same family members outside in one's driveway or garden, observing the same physical distancing measures. I don't see why one is ok and one is not. Meeting in the garden or driveway is safer as it limits the contact to specific family members as opposed to a park full of people all of whom may not be physical distancing.  More confusion and a lack of logic.

Why the contribution is important

Because it makes total sense to:

meet up with family or friends for our mental and emotional health
meet outside
meet in a garden or driveway as there is less risk / many more people in a park where it is not so possible to ensure that everyone observes social distancing ref Hackney at the weekend
If those who have a garden or driveway meet there, more space is available in a park for those who do not have a garden to facilitate physical distancing
parents or grandparents who have no serious underlying conditions but perhaps have mobility problems could have the contact with family members for their mental/emotional health

by KMR on May 11, 2020 at 08:20AM

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