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I think the lockdown goes against all the recent research into the microbiome. The best way to fight disease is to build up a healthy immune system, which means having healthy gut flora to fight off pathogens. Gut flora can be improved not just by eating probiotics, but by getting fresh air, sunshine, exercise and social interaction. Sitting indoors is one of the worst things for the immune system, along with bland food and negative emotions. There are many excellent books on this, including The Missing Microbes by Professor Martin Blaser, and The Diet Myth by Professor Tim Spector (who is involved in the Covid Symptom Tracker App). People who are elderly, have compromised immune systems or are worried about getting Covid-19 should be allowed to stay sheltered inside, and the funds that are currently being used to keep us all away from work and business could instead be used to give them extra protection at home, while those of us who don't want to be under lockdown could get back to running our lives and at the same time, boosting our immunity to the disease and building up herd immunity. Probably the worst thing for the immune system is poverty, and there will be a big increase in that if this lockdown goes on much longer. There already are signs of increasing desperation in some communities, from what I have heard.

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The curve has been "flattened" - this was the main reason given for the lockdown. The continued lockdown is causing huge disruptions, and if continued much longer, many small and medium businesses will not survive. There will be huge job losses and possibly food shortages. The first signs of increased poverty are already being seen. I think this is becoming a basic civil rights issue and there could be legal implications – for example, from people who have other serious diseases and are being deterred from seeking treatment or from people who lose their livelihoods. This could also lead to an enforced dependence on the State, which would have very serious implications for civil rights.

by NatalieM on May 06, 2020 at 11:42PM

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