Minimising job loses. Childminders/childcare as part of “bubbles”

What is the Government’s response to protecting jobs, when the only way someone can return to work is if they have childcare. People are being asked to go back to work now, and, in cases I am aware of, being told they will lose their jobs if they don’t, but cannot without childminders, safe nurseries and in some cases, extended family. Could childcare be included in any bubbles/groups being considered?

If, of course, the scientific advice is still to isolate then that, of course, should be followed. The above is for consideration during the relaxation phases. Meanwhile could it be implemented that no one can lose their job while providing child care, especially when there partner is an essential worker.

Why the contribution is important

Essentially to protect all workers, both employees and self employed.

by OAK123 on May 07, 2020 at 09:26AM

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