Minor concessions

This has been a long six weeks for everyone and it is clear that people are already starting to breach the current guidelines - more traffic on the roads, people starting to visit family etc - in larger numbers.
Impatience will rise still further as the five indicators have, in my understanding, been reached and many reasonable people are now questioning why lockdown is being extended.
Therefore, should it be continued, there is a high risk of quite substantial numbers breaking the restrictions.
To overcome this is propose “relaxing” restrictions for individuals and their ability to visit family /friends (within dwelling houses only).I think most people will be sensible in this regard because the risk of transmitting the infection, if you are symptomatic, is to nearest and dearest and that would help individuals make the correct choice.
I would limit this relaxation to groups of no more than six, so that there wasn’t the possibility of house parties etc.
I believe that a large number of people are already behaving in this way anyway but because it is currently “not permitted” it would still be viewed as a concession and reward for efforts already made.
It would also make it easier to carry out tracing and isolation if someone did later become positive for the virus.

Why the contribution is important

The majority of people have been living within the guidelines issued at the start of lockdown and to continue it, without any concessions at all, risks higher numbers of people randomly starting to break the restrictions due to frustration, concern for relatives and their own mental well-being.
Additionally, with any increase in such random disobedience there would be no control as the police would be unable to enforce any large increase in the number of “offenders”.

by kab270248 on May 05, 2020 at 03:42PM

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  • Posted by elfismcphills May 05, 2020 at 16:35

    I think the government have to give something to society now to continue to get buy in and support otherwise this will lessen quickly. I have already noticed roads are busier and there seems to be traffic around.
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