Missing my grandkids

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Hi my suggestion is ....for each household to be allowed to visit one other household...one that is near to us and we dont have to do a lot of travel to get to ...then if anyone gets this virus within the two households...its only between as few people as possible...but People need to stick to the one house that no one else has picked to go to ....I want to be able to go see my grandkids and see them play in the paddling pool . Not just see it on a screen ...I'm only suggesting one household and it has to be family. If no family. One close friend ...

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I think its important because it's the human interaction with our loved ones..this means a lot to people I've even heard Nicola saying her mum wants to see her grandkids as well ....so I would say it's very important to see our immediate family..

by Mags_30 on May 07, 2020 at 10:08AM

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