We can not safely remain in a lockdown condition because the public are already starting to ignore the guidance and this can not be enforced by the police (mixed guidance, unreasonable and not enough police). The state will not put the army on the streets... Thus bring schools back but extend the term into the summer holidays this would mean teachers and support staff would have to work some of there six week holiday... If businesses have mitigation measures in place which reduces the risk to low then why shouldn’t they be allowed to reopen? Working more than 2m apart. Split breaks and increase in cleaning. Covid-19 symptoms could be riddor reportable to control this as this is part of a companies KIP’s. This would reduce the recovery rate to the economy. While encouraging low contamination. The Scottish Government already more hazardous work to go ahead, confined space, asbestos removal, electrical as isn’t this the same as managing any other risk in the work place. Outdoor exercise and social activities could be managed in the same way... As long as the “R” number is less than 1 and there is capacity to treat then the virus is being controlled however as the “R” number against deaths is calculated on tests carried out then it’s currently a false figure as not all people are being tested thus the Scottish Government is managing the Covid control measures against a guess, estimate. Honesty with the population is important however public confidence is reducing due to poor leadership. No control over PPE (PPE is the last resort). Lack of testing in Scotland for those with suspected symptoms. Lack of visibility to antibody testing. How much capacity in the NHS as a percentage. Progress on a safe vaccine (expected to take 18 months).

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Safe guarding lives, education, economy and controlling the public (Police, NHS).

by Chris1970 on May 10, 2020 at 09:57AM

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