More clearly defined and country relevant news reports.

Now that it looks like England are changing their slogans and approach to guidance and measures on COVID-19. It is obvious England are moving in a different direction and pace to the other 3 countries of the UK, therefor, the media, i am talking SKY, BBC and all the other big UK broadcasters, need to be doing more in enforcing that fact and ensuring the general public are fully aware that any new measures are in England only or to whatever country they're about to discuss. Outwith and included in the daily updates on COVID-19 figures.

News reports on the "big" channels are too generalized now and only adds to the growing confusion.

At the beginning and end of each news segment, where they're going to be discussing specific lock down measures, they should be instructed, by our governments, to make it abundantly clear to the viewers on which countries lock down measures they will/have been discussing. Better still, they should even be made to provide clearly different news segments (outwith daily update figures), on at different times, so that viewers of a particular country can tune in for guidance relevant to them and reduce the confusion that will inevitably come with different countries approaching lock down in different ways going forward.

Reporters currently discussing the different lock down measures and talking about the comparisons between countries, is already leading to more confusion. Separate, clearly defined news reports for the separate countries, by the UK wide broadcasters, backed by the relevant countries smaller broadcasters, will aid delivering a clearer message to the general public.

Why the contribution is important

Ensuring the general public of Scotland fully understand the measures and guidance relevant to them clearly, so that they can follow them better.

by Rickymoonshine on May 10, 2020 at 06:04PM

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