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People need to be reminded that it is not just keeping their distance, that is important to the spread of this virus.
Less careful people will have coughed/sneezed onto their hands and then touched e.g. ATM buttons, pushed on finger-plates to open doors, used card machine buttons, held petrol pump handles; the germs will lie there in wait for the next people who touch them, who are most likely to inadvertently touch their face without noticing.....and on it spreads. No good washing hands 'when you get home' unless you dont touch your face in the meantime, and people just dont notice that they're doing that .
One of Dr. Calderwood's phrases should be the one most often used...'Stay- Away -From-Other-People' .
I agree with mosmith and Aa who have said, it should be o.k.for people to be sunning themselves out in the open, crucially at least 2 m apart, or going further away to exercise, as long as they dont, as fraser says, e.g. go into small communities' shops, or use public loos etc, i.e leaving germs on surfaces for others to pick up, as they may be asymptomatic carriers, or in the early phase and not showing symptoms.... Runners puffing and breathing, must not run too close to others on the paths, cyclists must not pass too close, just because they think they're going quickly doesnt mean their breath droplets dont land on people they pass,
People should be encouraged to carry a soapy, disinfected [Dettol etc] flannel, [not dreadful, non-environmentally-responsible, 'wipes'] to either wipe hands, or the items above mentioned, and we must be constantly reminded to think, ' How many people have touched this, and did they have the virus?'..... to become ever vigilant about that.
An advert campaign should be run, like the one that was on a lot before this, showing a young lad, obviously ill, festooned in different-sized and coloured bubbles indicating infection, coming into a room, touching the door, which then sprouts the bubbles, touching the counter, which again, sprouts the bubbles....graphically showing how germs can be transferred to surfaces, and how to counter-act that.
Prof. Leitch's public info ad.s have been better than the 'robotic' Chris Witty one, [tho' Dr. Calderwood's was much the same] with the graphic showing how the infection could spread, and then the spread be interrupted, by people e.g. not visiting auntie or whatever, were excellent, and need to be repeated [tho not prefaced as 'an important UPdate' if it's the same film, time and time again].
If firms are to be encouraged to have people go back to work, the 2m distance, and probably wearing of masks are important, but ALSO they must all be aware and alert as to what they touch, which an infected person could have touched b4 them, kettle handles, cups, dishes in the common kitchen, microwave buttons, fridge doors etc...and immediately disinfect, or wash hands THEN, not hours later at home, when they could have touched their faces numerous times without noticing it, in the meantime.
And these scenarios and messages must be constantly re-iterated, so the numpties' get' it!

Why the contribution is important

It gives people concrete information as to what to do in order to keep safe. The instruction so far has not been detailed enough to actually prevent the virus spreading.
Staying home is effective, but when people go out, to shop etc. they need to be kept aware of everything they touch, and how it could be carrying the infection.
Tesco's were the first to introduce all the right things and one finally felt SAFe to go shopping, but one doesnt know whether the warehouse staff or the shelf-stackers are infectious, so wiping one's hands after touching each thing, putting them into the trolley, must also become second-nature.
And, once home, particularly items in plastic bags, where the virus can survive for many days, should surely be wiped all over with soapy disinfected flannel before going into cupboards or fridge/freezer.
It also means people could be allowed a little more freedom without compromising the progress already made, being allowed to spend longer outside...always staying apart.. BUT, these scenarios and messages of the detail of what to do and what NOt to do, must be constantly re-iterated, so the numpties' get' it!

by wcbirches on May 10, 2020 at 09:39PM

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