More testing within the Community to allow people back to work safely

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More testing/tracing within the communities , this way the infection could be found and people would know they needed to isolate completely. If construction starts, have temperature checks done at start & end of work to try and pick up any changes so tests could be done to rule out infections (or catch them quickly)

Also use the antibodies tests to find out who has had the virus whereby they could go back into the community and work.

A lot in the news about companies offering PPE production & research finding some solutions for testing but the Government don't seem to be in any discussions etc.

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I think by finding out where the infections are means that areas could be isolated but would also allow people to go back to work.

This would ease people's anxieties and mental health, rather than wondering how long will it be, which I know is an unknown factor but New Zealand have managed to quash the virus with testing and tracing. They continued the trace even outside the country so all contacts were found.

It may mean certain areas will have restrictions but this would be time limited as per previous isolation instructions, but people would know that and could feel safer and less anxious.

by gibby36 on May 07, 2020 at 01:43PM

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