Allowing more freedom of movement within Arran....

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Cases on Arran have been minimal and no new cases have been reported for over two weeks.

by Isleofarran on May 07, 2020 at 09:15AM

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  • Posted by Rupert May 07, 2020 at 10:35

    One of the main transmission routes is travel, if you recall the early spread of the virus came from China and then Italy and it soon spread worldwide through travel. It would therefore not be sensible to allow any form of unnecessary movement to or from your local location until such times that there are minimal transmissions on a daily basis. In the beginning some of the UK scientific advice to UK politicians was iffy and we were definitely slow in to lock down after first trying to go the route of herd immunity. Therefore any premature lifting of lockdown too early will significantly increase the risk of a second spike in infections and even more deaths.
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