New calendar! Day1-Day365

Radical I know! Modern society is ’governed’ by the school system and a ‘seven days in a week’ outdated measure. Take the opportunity now! Make school 4 days on, 4 days off, 4 days on 2 days off on an ongoing basis with slightly longer days. It doesn’t matter what the day of the week is called. Test it from 1.9.20. There are 122 days from the 1st of September (day 1) to the 31st of December (day 123) (60 in school, 40 days off, 22 days holiday) . Do this every year! Day 1- Day 365.

Why the contribution is important

Modern society is broken, it’s just too demanding, detrimental to the individual, family life and restricts opportunities and the potential of business to increase revenue. Let’s get the people off this bandwagon and pave a brave new path which benefits us, our children, our society, our country and further drives our economy. Reduced teachers hours, address their work life balance, achieve better quality teaching as a result. As a direct result, the traditional mon-fri 9-5 would and should disappear. Currently, people see their lives disappear in ‘the grind’ with only a small window (sat & sunday) to engage in connection, relaxation and recuperation. Allow staggered/flexible work for all. Ensure people get 3 days off in a row and never work more than 5 days in a row in every 14. This will boost productivity, wellbeing, quality of life, opportunity, address social problems, create more jobs etc etc. Businesses can operate every day but people don’t have to. Opportunities will increase, more people will be able to work with childcare available every day. Kids can have more leisure time and bring the ‘work hard play hard’ ethic into adulthood. Worries around money are unfounded, people live to their means regardless, business can operate more often, more effectively, increase revenue and in time, pay more. Win win!
The Traditional 5 day working week and expectation that a job can only be done effectively if it is done in 5 days is archaic and weighted ’in favour’ of people with a support mechanism at home (eg husband and wife with children). Often, one person bears the burden of ’breadwinner’ due to restrictions imposed by school and childcare which, like the traditional working week only operate 5 days. Put the mechanisms in place to allow a fairer more equal society with more people contributing to the economy and hence, the greater good without sacrificing quality of life.

by Johnjul on May 09, 2020 at 06:09PM

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