New model needed

Don't rush the reopening of schools to satisfy the needs of the few. This should not be a glorified baby sitting service so that a minority can dump their kids at school and go to work. Feeding children can be dealt with separately and does not need all children to return to feed the minority. Take time to create the new normal school. Small is beautiful. Use primary schools for S1 S2 pupils to physically that they don't have to travel and attend large schools. Portable classrooms are relatively easy to set up too. Less time in the classroom Less time at the school, the school day was already too long. Outdoor education Keep them at home for longer with proper online learning. Don't open schools too early, tell them they will be closed until the end of summer so that we can plan ahead. Then based on science decided what to do next.

Why the contribution is important

It will save lives.

by Errol on May 06, 2020 at 10:08AM

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  • Posted by Jane May 06, 2020 at 10:32

    Interesting - this may be the time to look to do something transformational especially when considering this in the context of educational attainment in Scotland as compared to other countries and more immediately in the gap between children from advantaged and disadvantaged communities.
  • Posted by Jo May 06, 2020 at 11:54

    Schools are not a glorified babysitting service!! They are intended to enhance the lives of those receiving the education but also the wider community. My father always said it was better to be educated and unemployed than uneducated and unemployed. Education enables people (or not) to understand the masses of information which is currently being reported. Education builds social interaction and skills. It builds friendships, understanding acceptance we are all different. Education inspires and enables. Where would we be without the education which has enabled the doctors and nurses knowledge which are currently saving lives, the scientists and mathematicians modelling this pandemic? Those with the people skills which education brought out in them working in shops. I could go on and on. Education is many things but it is NOT a childminding service.
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