New Roles for Street Wardens, Doormen and Lollipop people

Having read some concerns about busy streets, and pavement etiquette, it seems obvious that some new roles could be created, paid or charity volunteers, to monitor pedestrian traffic in high streets and retail parks. Wardens could ensure social distancing and clear throngs if areas got too congested. Doormen/ladies could do the one in -one out jobs at shop entrances to keep numbers manageable, and lollipop type people could hold a lollipop at congested or busy shops to show people they need to keep away. It could be done in good humour and kindly, perhaps some in costume like charity collectors, and generally allow folk to feel cared for as they are continuing to be assisted in retraining 'street' habits.

Why the contribution is important

This could provide paid jobs, and or voluntary jobs for people who might otherwise be unemployed. Charities could benefit greatly. It would be much preferable to having Police be in attendance, and if done in good humour could help lifts peoples moods as the restrictions on complete freedom continue. Having a visible presence of helpful street staff might help ease the public judging each others behaviour that leads to conflict. An example might be, how really good courteous door staff and good natured bouncers can completely change the tone of a night club for the better, troubles can be dissipated with a smile. I think it's going to be hard for some people to get back to public life, since we've all felt stressed for a while. An assuring presence, that is not entirely Police based could be, both helpful strategically and emotionally, as we recover.

by Pamela55 on May 07, 2020 at 01:04AM

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