New thinking required

If we need to social distance for a while yet then the fundamental problem is schools are too small so we need to extend their capacity (footprint) on a temporary basis. Most urban schools are surrounded by lots of empty halls and most rural schools have more outdoor space where temp classrooms can be built (with all the temp buildings not used for events this year). I'm sure the private sector will do this? Need to be creative. Adjacent classrooms could be created (in or out of school) and teachers/PSAs could manage across the rooms maybe with help from volunteer parents.

As for getting the kids back I would try and get all kids back for a day or two pre holidays. So they remember what school looks like, what a school day is like and what there teacher looks like. Also it will be a trial run for post holidays. This would give the education sector time over the summer to redesign the service they offer and/or the physical stuff required. If we want to focus more time on certain year groups before the holidays I would focus on current p7 s2 and s4 (next years S1 3 and 5) as all these groups go through a major change. And if we want to focus on certain primary age groups I would go for the older ones who can probably implement the social distancing procedures better.

Why the contribution is important

These ideas are important as they offer a compromise between no school and normal school which is probably not possible for economic and health reasons respectively.

by NeilT on May 06, 2020 at 01:25PM

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