Next COVID-19 peak

We all know when Flu or Norovirus hits hospitals and nursing homes there is a very high risk of increased deaths among the patients, so it is hardly surprising that COVID-19 has wreaked death within these settings, a failing on those responsible for these institutions to prepare. I believe the ‘Care at home settings’ will be the next peak with this virus! Why ? Because I work in this setting and there has been no preparation whatsoever to avoid COVID-19 being introduced to people’s homes. Last week my team of three workers were finally given masks, 9 in total. These have only to be used when going out shopping! No risk assessments have been done no communication with the workers. We are doomed to be the next peak as we have been abandoned by those in charge! It’s time someone took a grip took charge and properly protect the staff and vulnerable adults of this left behind Care Industry.

Why the contribution is important

Multiple house visits daily, like a bee pollinating flowers, the virus will spread and continue to spread until someone in authority issues proper guidance and instructions to Care Companies who continue to be lax and cavalier with our health and safety.

by jaclen on May 06, 2020 at 12:26PM

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