Northlink ferry travel

I wonder if it could be possible for islanders to travel on Northlink ferry, once shops are open in Aberdeen. They could run at reduced capacity. So cabin only service and possibly pods booked at 2 metres apart. No bar or shop open. People could self isolate within the cabins. Maybe you could pre book meals, each meal could be delivered to the cabin like a take away service.

Increased handwashing and hand gel facilities on board. Check passenger temperatures nobody allowed on with symptoms.

Islanders could then get supplies from the mainland and so a bit of social distant shopping wearing face masks.

Any walk on passengers can que 2 metres apart in house hold family groups.

Why the contribution is important

Freedom for islanders to travel on and off Orkney and Shetland once Covid 19 numbers are at a significanty reduced rate in Aberdeen. Mental stimulation, the ability to shop for supplies. A change in scenery. Maybe not now but eventually. Of couse we wouldn't want an influx of Covid 19 coming back to the islands but eventually it could be a way to get the ferries sailing again for non essential travel once shops south open.

by Hannahmabob on May 05, 2020 at 05:09PM

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