Not a new idea but please emphasise the hand washing and use of gel when provided

can Jason Leitch, who speaks very persuasively and instills confidence, again reiterate the importance of this?

There have been many public announcements etc on TV and so on but the message isnt getting through. [remember the British public have often been referred to as "the great unwashed"!]

Our local Tescos have been commendable in their infection reducing measures, in particular the small branch in Rosyth was way ahead in its level of preparation right at the start of lockdown and they have improved their measures since. They are doing a good job as is the bigger Tesco in Dunfermline. In contrast to M&S where I have had to speak and explain to staff on both of my only visits there [and I wont bother going again now as I dont feel safe] where their practice is failing, especially to protect their own workers. Aldi has been deplorably poor in these respects, both in this area and elsewhere it seems.

It would be an idea to make supermarket cleaning stations more obvious on entry and to try to encourage people to use them by geling up as they enter stores. In fact I would insist on this and would do so if I were a store manager, to protect my staff especially. Wise customers also gel up on leaving the store and before accessing their vehicles.

Why the contribution is important

To reduce the spread of infection - and to address the fact that people are becoming complacent and not diligently and persistently following the guidance.

Entering a shop/supermarket etc - the public need to get the message that this helps to protect the workers there and it is vital [responsible and considerate] that we do this. Also it reduces the spread of infection as different people handle the produce and items on shelves.

Gel use on leaving stores also helps to reduce infection spread.

by biologist on May 10, 2020 at 11:38AM

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  • Posted by AnnMac May 10, 2020 at 12:13

    gel hand cleanser definitely for entering shops and leaving will make it safer for folk to use and feel safer - also face masks in shops by all.
    The frustrating bit for me is watching till assistants using latex gloves time after time firing producer brought the tills and not changing or shall I say not ‘cleansing’ the gloves after each customer-this practise is surely spreading germs- they’d be as well not wearing gloves, and cleaning their hands with supplied stuff after each customer. Can stores see that this is done properly.
  • Posted by BruceE2 May 10, 2020 at 13:08

    installation of public handwashing facilities would be useful for this
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