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Kids are carriers I know I got it from my niece she was in nursery persistent cough and vomiting, 4 years old. She got it from my aunt who tested positive. I was due to shield but was a day too late fortunately my MS treatment had shut down my autoimmune system so my body could not overreact and go into a cytokine storm as I have no T cells temporarily anyway. I think it is too soon for kids to return. I understand about the economy but what is more important?

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Money of lives? It’s not a drill it’s not a thing we can make just go away because we don’t want it we only have our actions right now. Keep saving lives. Now is not the time. We will bounce back soon enough, let’s stop this first. DO NOT FOLLOW JOHNSTON AND HIS DODGY SCIENCE ADVISORS they clearly don’t know. I trust you our Scottish Government to keep us safe. Please not yet

by Stacie1 on May 08, 2020 at 10:10PM

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