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I have no idea how my baby and pre-schooler will practice social distancing in nursery. I feel very nervous about nurseries re-opening before we truly understand the danger to the children and their capacity to transmit the infection to adults. Nurseries (private and council run) should remain closed until we can be certain there is no risk, although perhaps small outdoor play dates could help those children who are missing their friends. Employers will need to remain flexible to accommodate parents of younger children.

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Because we don’t seem to fully understand the role children play in the transmission of this virus yet. Also, I read a lot about schools returning (rightly so, it is important), but I hear much less information about how nurseries are involved in future plans.

by RMM on May 07, 2020 at 11:18PM

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  • Posted by LMC May 08, 2020 at 14:34

    I believe that all Nursery establishments both private and local authority should remain closed until it's completely safe. The data highlights that the virus poses no harm to children under 4 but some children who attend the centre are over the age of 4 and infact are 5. Also parents still have to bring their children to the centre which also poses harm even with social distancing in place. Most Nursery establishments are large open plan areas and not room based therefore, this also poses a risk as children have a lack of understanding on social distancing. Deep cleaning can't properly occur every day either to ensure every area Is covered. Please think of the children, families and also the staff they deserve protection too, they have families to go home too some of which might be in the vulnerable category. Surely it's better practice to remain closed and open when we can guarantee it's safe to do so rather than experiment and have to close again. Transitions are vital in early years and it's important they are handled correctly or they can have life long affects. This is something that really needs deep consideration given!
  • Posted by Nichola1234 May 11, 2020 at 22:02

    Some key workers rely on nurseries though? There’s a severe lack of spaces for key worker children in this age group. Not all bosses can be flexible, hospitals need to be staffed. If those who are able to keep their kids home do then there’s less risk. Private nursery is not compulsory. But please don’t deny parents that are burning out trying trying to work long shifts then care for their kids when they’d normally be sleeping of much needed access to childcare
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