Nursing homes Plus using hotels , hotel staff and nurses

I would like to suggest: 1) Dividing nursing homes into three zones. This is possibly already occurring; red covid active , orange , transitional , green covid free. 2) Red , orange and green could be physically separate buildings. 3) Green could be hotels staffed by hotel staff and returner nursing staff. Funding for green = partially originating nursing home , partially Scottish. Government. Costs may mean increase in taxation next year and for a few years but so be it. We are all in this together. Provides employment for otherwise furloughed hotel staff. 4) The red zone could have supplementary staff , nurses ad doctors from hospital / returners. 5) All patients discharged from hospital are initially accommodated in the orange transition zone. All patients discharged to the orange transition zone will have had two negative Covid 19 swabs two days apart regardless of whether they had Covid 19 in hospital or not. After a further seven days illness free they are transferred to the green zone which may be a nearby hotel as delineated above or even a relative's home. 6) There would be close liaison between red zone nurses and doctors and hospital colleagues. Anticipatory Care Plans , hopefully written down some time ago will essentially divide the red zone patients into those seeking active treatment and those wishing to die peacefully in the nursing home. Active treatment patients should probably be transferred to hospital care unless they are only very mildly affected. ACPs should be open to 'second thought' review by the patient at any time. Patients should not be forced into an ACP during this crisis. Intuition , compassion and diplomacy should be used if it is felt that a patient wishes to make an ACP. Patient and relatives should be involved in the ACP but patient autonomy of desire needs to be respected as paramount and followed. 7) There should be enough PPE to enable relatives to visit dying patients.

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It enables via quarantine to reduce / halt the spread of Covid 19 in Nursing Homes. It enables employment for hotel staff and revenue for the local hotel in the 'green area'. It enables appropriately directed care for our Covid 19 elderly patents. It enables relatives to visit their dying Covid 19 postive relatives. This requires adequate supply of appropriate PPE. It will incur costs. However this whole crisis will incur costs. We as a caring society in Scotland care for each other. Therefore we should gladly accept increased taxes for a number of years to come

by drgeoffdobson on May 07, 2020 at 05:48PM

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  • Posted by drgeoffdobson May 08, 2020 at 18:02

    Expanding on the above, there obviously would have to be as rigorous hygeine and social distancing in the green 'hotels' as in nursing homes. Only nursing staff would be' in contact' with the clients.The hotel staff would perform non contact duties and there would have to be rigorous hygeine , decontamination regimens in the kitchens for instance. Only nursing staff would be allowed in the clients' rooms. All staff would have to follow rigorous hygeine regimens to avoid importing Covid 19 into the green hotel.
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