Offices at half capacity

Encourage employers (where working from home is possible), to open offices at a reduced capacity, encouraging employees to work from home where this is still practical and possible. This will help ensure social distancing becomes easier in the office, and will assist social distancing measures on public transport and otherwise congested areas of towns and cities.

Why the contribution is important

The economy needs to get up and running again, however, we must also make a conscious effort to continue the fight against this virus. This a simply a proposal that might ease us back into normality, albeit slowly, whilst continuing to adhere with social distancing recommendations.

by MTorrie on May 08, 2020 at 02:39PM

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  • Posted by CMcIlroy May 08, 2020 at 15:04

    Combine with universal income, 4 day working week, volunteering in community and healthy lifestyle to balance out. The cost of rent and heating etc should be balanced too. Computer algorithms and apps can measure all these factors and account for rural and city and climate differences. We have to prioritize health of ourselves and nature but knowing and being healthy isn’t an easy thing to just become. It takes effort to transform. Universal income is a cushion for everyone. Those with wealth can enrich at a more sustainable pace as well. There is no need for a made rush for the best seats all the time.
  • Posted by Themenz May 08, 2020 at 15:11

    This is a difficult one as there are toilets, kitchen facilities etc that need to be taken into account. Strict guidelines would be needed and maybe PPE.
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