One size fits all doesn’t fit everyone’s situation

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When measures are relaxed in the first phase, I think it’s really important for grandparents to be able to see their grandchildren. I am desperate to play with my grandchildren, spend time with them, take them to the park, have them overnight and most importantly, give them a big hug. The pain grandparents feel not having that close connection with their grandchildren is immense.

I understand the Government’s concern that the elderly are a greater risk, largely down to age and pre-existing medical conditions. I fully agree that there are groups who are at great risk, but not all grandparents are in that category. I may be a Grandma, but I’m very fit and healthy with no pre-existing medical conditions. Indeed I am still working, albeit phased retirement, but working nevertheless. Not only that, I’m a teacher so when schools return, I presume it will be considered safe for me to see other people’s grandchildren, so surely I will not be told to stay away from my own.

Why the contribution is important

I think the “one size fits all” guidance which came in a few days before lockdown stating that grandparents should not see their grandchildren was detrimental to the grandparents who were not in the “at risk” category. I am concerned that in the event of any relaxation of measures , this idea that ALL grandparents are at risk might prevail. Just because you are a grandparent, does not mean you are unhealthy, frail, and weak. There are many grandparents who are actually quite young and to lump all grandparents together on the basis of age, is quite frankly wrong.

In addition, I feel that when the measures are relaxed and we are able to spend time with family, I know my daughters will be very grateful to get a break if Grandma can take their grandchildren overnight. Our parents of young children have been heavily tested during this Covid crisis. They are looking after wee ones at home as nurseries are closed. They are home schooling their other children, while trying to keep toddlers entertained,. They are trying to reassure and support their children who cannot go out with their friends, plus keep home life ticking over. And let’s not forget.... they are also working from home. All this without help and support from grandparents. They will welcome a break from their children and grandparents will want to do it.

I make a plea to the Scottish Government not to use the “one size fits all” model. As it doesn’t fit me or my family and I know there are many families like mine.

by norma23 on May 06, 2020 at 11:32PM

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