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I have been disappointed with the way in which my children’s primary school has engaged since lockdown began. I understand why it was difficult in the first few weeks but since then we receive a single email with 10 attachments to print off On a Monday then work through ourselves with the children (while trying to work from home). There has also been huge variation in my local authority area about how different schools are engaging children. If the kids are to stay at home then there must be a consistent online teaching model adopted through online classes. I’m not suggesting this should be 0900-1500 but even if it was an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon it would give them some structure otherwise their education will be damaged for years to come. The teacher could split them into groups and distribute them across the week.

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Children’s education and their mental health

by PT on May 06, 2020 at 06:48AM

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  • Posted by petermuir79 May 08, 2020 at 11:12

    Completely agree, we've had very little in regards to course work from my daughter's primary school. Infact i would say it's just a few extra things on top of the normal home work they sent in the past and are more focused on trying to do a weekly video of a school assembly. I would much prefer a structured system where perhaps there is 30 min video call where all the class is involved so they can see their friends. Then with instructions from the teacher for the rest of the day (with work sheets).
  • Posted by HelloScotland May 10, 2020 at 21:31

    I agree with some of this but managing 30 kids on a call would be difficult. However i do agree there is a different approach across Scotland as we haven't had a need to set-up this provision on such a scale before. Glasgow Council for instance provide Tablets to kids and have a more established online curriculum where classwork can be delivered electronically. For many other councils, the teachers are adapting to this and i must say that i cannot complain about the information or updates provided through my own kids school. However, where i do struggle though is trying to plan out the week's work and then marking it, whilst trying to work. So my suggestion is each school has a digital learning coordinator appointed (supported from industry) to help structure, plan and set-out the learning schedule for classes, and in time and resources permitting, this can be adapted to an individuals learning needs. I think it is wholly unreasonable for anyone to think we will have a seamless transition from school-based to home-based learning and we all share a responsibility with providing constructive feedback to the schools and recognising, like us, that the teachers are also adapting to a new way of working, whilst managing their work life/home life balance in very challenging circumstances.
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