Open air pubs

Open spaces, identified to be able to accommodate social distancing, which would allow multiple publicans to trade in one location.
Would have limited trading hours to prevent adverse impact on police, and would require investment from traders to provide suitable security measures.

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Would provide the general public with some degree of normality, and boost morale, as current lockdown measures continue.

by gerryphim on May 06, 2020 at 12:44PM

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  • Posted by Globalass May 06, 2020 at 15:23

    Being Scotland, this is probably one of the things most people crave alongside social interaction. Beer gardens could be used. Inside larger pubs social distancing could be done. The Licensed Trades are already struggling, as you will know (cheap beer and non smoking). We need them as all too often they are seen as social hubs. Staff could be masked or bars shielded off by a counter division. Toilets to be fitted with hand sanitizers and paper towels, NOT hand dryers.
    This one will be of concern to a lot of people, not to mention the license holders. Fitting of good air filtration would help too, with Hepa filters.
    One thing is sure, if we don't act soon, we will lose them. I am a non drinker but I do see how it is affecting people.
    I spoke on NS's page re wearing masks to get us back out, now we need to get our country moving again - safely. Personally, I believe I have had this already, but testing the nation may be a good idea, and the fitting of temperature monitors used. This is the age of technology, let's use it to our advantage.
  • Posted by Invlad May 06, 2020 at 15:41

    Good idea in principle for morale etc but practically for this to work and not create issues of social distancing you’d require compliance. Compliance isn’t always there when you introduce alcohol and having a good time. If you compare going to the supermarket how many continue to forget or be thoughtless about other folk’s personal space/social distancing?
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