Open Everything but support anyone who wants to shield

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It seems every sector wants to open. Either make a decision to eradicate the disease by real isolation (3 - 4 weeks) no non NHS / Carer key workers, no exceptions to rules, switch off public transport, force all factories to shut down, force everyone to stay home, in their home, no excercise runs or walks along the golf course. Or Make a decision to let it have free reign for a few weeks (probably about 2 months), open everything, encourage proximity, let people get themselves infected and either recover or die (support everyone who wants to isolate from this debacle). This gives the choice to the people, and they will follow their own decision, they won't follow government decisions much longer. Then we can go back to the normal normal, the old normal where you could hug your grandkids and go to the supermarket without standing in the rain for half an hour to get in. You could go on holiday, you could go to work without worrying about becoming infected.

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We have reached a point where people need to see the end of this. The "New Normal" or "Social Distancing" are largely unworkable and will be ignored by many, if not most. It'll become like the speed limit and you'll have to enforce it rigerously, or it just won't work.

by borisjlives on May 07, 2020 at 11:51AM

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