Open Golf courses

Apart from Fishing, you’ll be hard pushed to find a sport that offers participants a more socially distant opportunity to enjoy the game they love while maintaining all the required safety advice.

I fully appreciate and support the lockdown but I’d also like to think common sense can prevail here. Members pay a lot of money to clubs and clubs rely on members to survive and support jobs. Many clubs have frozen membership fees while in this lockdown and are now struggling to survive.

Restrictions on groups can be put in place and managed by the clubs, 2-3 players per group, larger gaps between tee off times, online or telephone booking, not arriving more than 20 mins before your due out, no rakes, no touching the flag, upside down cups.... the list could go on.

There’s thousands of players who’s mental well-being will be lifted knowing they are free to play the game, for some this is their only chance to meet people and talk to someone as they are single or widowed.

Eventually trust needs to be handed over, and there’s no better way than starting with pastimes like these.

Why the contribution is important

Mental well-being, starting to show the population is trusted, small steps to bring local parts of the economy back on line.

by DrueBremner on May 08, 2020 at 11:21AM

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