Open gyms with a booking system

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Many gyms allow you to book classes and enter the gym with a passcode or speak to receptionist. Gyms with an online booking system could create slots for people to book 50 minutes in the gym a day. The bookings could be limited to one person booking only a certain amount of times a week. The gyms should limit how many people can enter at once per hour. People can check in at reception to a staff member or with a personalized pin. Once the 50 minutes are up, gym users leave then there's 10 minutes for staff to clean the equipment before the next people come in for their 50 minutes

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Cleaners and gym staff could receive an income, and the general public can go to the gym whilst also having the space to not cross-contaminate. It also means people aren't running on the streets all the time

by LJones2020 on May 06, 2020 at 07:56PM

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