Open larger retailers

Possible way to observe social distancing in large retailers would be to :
- limit number of customers by having staff on doors ( like in current supermarkets)
- where possible, in larger stores , a one-way “traffic “ system such as ikea already implement. Using multiple entrances/exits to facilitate.
- use of face coverings by everyone to reduce the risk of possible spread , in conjunction with existing social distancing , hand-washing etc
- more centralised pay-points in stores with managed queues , enabling other staff to assist customers and being able to freely move to be able to still observe distancing. These centralised pay points could be perspex shielded to protect staff and public .

Why the contribution is important

We have to kickstart our economy in order to have some sort of future beyond debt repayment and unemployment for our children. Thousands are employed in this sector- both directly and indirectly- as retail staff and suppliers . If we don’t act soon businesses will close and our urban areas will be desolate, bringing even more mixed problems for the future.

by CityScot on May 05, 2020 at 02:22PM

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